List of 4200 food industry companies in Poland including division into business profile (Excel)

List of 4200 food industry companies in Poland (Excel) including division into business profile 

The offered base of food industry companies in Excel includes:

Full contact details of more than 4200 food industry companies in Poland

  • Name, address, voivodship (100%)
  • Phone number (100%)
  • E-mail (88%)
  • www (100% for companies that have their website)

Business profile (100%)

  • 1510 meat companies in Poland
  • 1858 delicatessen companies/  ready meals manufacturers in Poland
  • 225 fish processing companies in Poland
  • 210 egg packaging companies in Poland
  • 525 fruit and vegetable processing companies in Poland
  • 115 spice packaging companies in Poland
  • 40 oil and fat companies in Poland
  • 45 honey packaging companies in Poland
  • 270 companies and dairy cooperatives in Poland
  • 75 ice-cream manufacturers in Poland
  • 95 concentrates manufacturers in Poland (soups and sauce powders, additives for cakes, dessert powders, etc.).
  • 160 water and beverage bottling companies in Poland
  • 140 alcohol manufacturers in Poland
  • 115 coffee roasting companies and tea packaging companies in Poland
  • 12 tobacco manufacturers in Poland
  • 260 sweets/snacks manufacturers in Poland
  • 22 sugar factories in Poland
  • 180 grain milling companies in Poland
  • 500 bakeries and confectionery factories in Poland


"The only one - on the Polish market - such a comprehensive
collection of information on food industry companies in Poland."


What distinguishes our bases?

  • We only deal with databases of companies of the food industry, which is why we are leaders in this field.
  • We are the only author of these bases. It’s the only us who obtain data for each record personally.
  • We do not use automated processes of data collection - due to their poor quality.
  • The bases are prepared for atlases, maps and catalogues issued by us, so the quality of them is excellent.
  • We have data for 99% of small, medium and large food plants

You can save Your time and money with our bases

  • You will save many working hours on seeking potential customers
  • You will increase work efficiency working on the exemplary basis
  • You will reduce costs of marketing – the base will allow You to perform many precise activities directed to selected groups of recipients.

Use of the base

  • Support for traders in acquiring new customers.
  • Implementation of marketing activities (e-mailing, direct mailing, telemarketing, direct sales).
  • Determination of market size – some help in making business decisions.


  • Indefinite license without limitation of a number of users within the company.
  • The database is intended only for internal use by the company.
  • It is forbidden to its further resale, sharing or publishing.

After payment of the invoice, the database in Excel will be sent to the e-mail indicated in the order.

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