List of 525 fruit and vegetable processing plants in Poland (Excel)

The offered database in Excel contains:

Full contact details of 525 fruit and vegetable processing plants in Poland

  • Name, address, voivodship (100%)
  • Phone number (100%)
  • E-mail (95%)
  • www (100% for companies that have their website)

Division into small, medium and large companies (71%)

  • companies employing 10-49 people
  • companies employing 50-249 people
  • companies employing more than 250 people

Business Profile: (87%)

  • frozen food
  • salads, raw vegetable salads, sour meals
  • concentrated juices
  • juices, beverages
  • concentrates, purees
  • jellied products
  • pickles, stewed fruits, canned food
  • dried food
  • fresh food

The type of processed product (87%)

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • mushrooms
  • herbs


"The most comprehensive collection of information
on fruit and vegetable processing plants that is available in Poland”


What distinguishes our bases?

  • We only deal with databases of companies of the food industry, which is why we are leaders in this field.
  • We are the only author of these bases. It’s the only us who obtain data for each record personally.
  • We do not use automated processes of data collection - due to their poor quality.
  • The bases are prepared for atlases, maps and catalogues issued by us, so the quality of them is excellent.
  • We have data for 99% of small, medium and large food plants

You can save Your time and money with our bases

  • You will save many working hours on seeking potential customers
  • You will increase work efficiency working on the exemplary basis
  • You will reduce costs of marketing – the base will allow You to perform many precise activities directed to selected groups of recipients.

Use of the base

  • Support for traders in acquiring new customers. 
  • Implementation of marketing activities (e-mailing, direct mailing, telemarketing, direct sales).
  • Determination of market size – some help in making business decisions.


  • Indefinite license without limitation of a number of users within the company.
  • The database is intended only for internal use by the company.
  • It is forbidden to its further resale, sharing or publishing.

After payment of the invoice, the database in Excel will be sent to the e-mail indicated in the order.

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